Changing over from HR to Tech

Hi All! My name is Laci and I'm an HR Manager for a small manufacturing facility located in Virginia. I'm looking into transferring over into Tech. Does anyone have any advice on certifications I can get or how to go about transferring over into this field? Thanks!

Welcome Laci! Do you want to do HR in a tech-focused company? There's so much I can say that I don't even know where to start given it's a loaded topic hahaBut what has your experience been so far and what has been some insights you'e uncovered so far? Generally though, about once a month, we produce a new guide/resource with insights taken from our community, you can find the library of resources here ( The following piece on: leveraging ChatGPT for the job search (, thinking about your next steps ( may help! - Multiple times a week, we have spotlight posts written by members who have specific expertise or experience, feel free to peruse ( - This thread on coaches might also help you
Hi Iynna, I'm actually looking to move away from HR and go into Tech, preferably as an entry-level data analyst. I want to get my foot in the door and learn as much as I can so I'm focusing on what certifications, through Microsoft, that I can obtain. I've also read about SalesForce, would this be a good place to start?