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My name is Sonia, a founder of Pomcare (pomcare.me), a judgment-free telehealth clinic for women’s health. Our mission is to normalize sexual, reproductive, and vaginal health and bring access to healthcare. I started Pomcare due to recurring yeast infections and UTIs. I have always had questions about symptoms but could not get a reliable and clinical answer from a doctor, quickly.

Our beta services have recently launched and are seeking users to test out our services. You can ask any medical questions to women’s health providers for free. We currently have a physician with more than 20 years of experience in gynecology (a physician in Sutter Health) and a physician assistant from Planned Parenthood. We can provide reliable answers to your medical questions for free. Your questions can range from vaginal conditions to general women's health (e.g., autoimmune symptoms, recent mammogram, IUDs, periods, yeast infections~ all the things that we experience).

We are also offering complimentary clinical services (e.g., telehealth, at-home tests) to California residents as well.

I'd love your support to get more data points on services that we could offer. Here is our survey you can fill out and also get free access to some of our complimentary services: https://forms.gle/VrFSGPEi3reRiECHA

Thank you so much for all the support! :)



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