Stressed and tired? Build a relationship with your body

At the beginning of the year I was actively working to make the jump from nonprofit leadership into tech. I took an intentional pause in full-time work to research, learn, and connect. And for a little extra cash, I began teaching yoga again.

I'm a certified trauma-sensitive yoga facilitator, and in the past few months I've begun to build a trauma-sentivie yoga practice in Los Angeles (and online!). I never thought this would be where my career would lead, but I've found such a need for practitioners who can hold space for complex and relational trauma, and the general stress of living, outside of or alongside the therapy space.

My work often supports high-achieving women. Women in leadership roles, caregiving roles. Women whose work and commitments make it hard/overwhelming to care for their own interior life.

My goal isn't to release trauma in your body, and I'm not a therapist. I provide a container space for you to build a connection with your body, on your own terms. Participants never need to disclose personal details about their life to me or anyone in a group class.

Folks are welcome to check out my website, join my upcoming online class, or message me with questions to learn more.

I debated posting this because it feels so self-promotional. But I've learned so much from this community over the past year, and I'm so grateful for it. If any of you incredible people would like a little extra support, please reach out!

Thanks for sharing! Movement can do so much for mental health
changes everything! What do you like to do @kaitlingraham?
I agree! I like to do pilates, walking, and dance workouts :) What about you?
Nice!! I love running, then I love HIIT stuff, i'm a big barrys bootcamp girlie, then i love solidcore!
Ooo! I love HIIT, too! I haven't heard of Big Barry's Bootcamp or Solidcore but I'm going to check them out!
Haha its barry’s bootcamp and im a big fan 😛 and yess check both out!
Thank you for sharing this! I am sure many will relate and might take you up on this.