Boss Me In - Meet & Greet

As a founding member of this amazing group consisting of CHIEF executive women and our next generation of female leaders, I am excited to share the Boss Me In Meet & Greet, come join us to learn more and see how you can get involved in helping the Future of Work!

Boss Me In is a purpose-driven organization led by diverse executive women to empower Gen Z by sharing our journeys, powered by CHIEF members. The mission is to empower young women to become agents of change for the Future of Work, where they want a seat at the table; solving the corporate issue of the great breakup with women in executive and middle management roles. We do this via moderated speaker panels, workshops, and mentorship.


I am not a Gen Z but I love this concept! We have a lot of undergrad students here and Elphas in their early career so that would be a good fit! Tagging a few @HaneenRasmii @jiayii01 (not sure how far along in your studies you are though) @nkhambati @bridie @romelynquezon @selinazheng