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Thanks for sharing and FYI I don't see it as "boring start up stuff " LOL :) It's def that time of year to do a pulse check.
TheKatieHarper's profile thumbnail
So true! It's the stuff others tend to view as boring but that I actually love. Glad I'm not alone!
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"What can I stop doing altogether?" is a great question and I personally don't ask myself that nearly enough!
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Thank you! Great list!
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Thanks for sharing Katie! Sparked so many ideas.My ritual is that I deep-clean my house on Dec 31 just a way to start the new year clutter-free :) But I don't really have an actual end of year checklist. Curious to see what others do though :)
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Love this list and just signed up for your newsletter!!
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Such a great article, thanks for sharing. I really like "am I letting the unimportant things fall through the cracks?" as part of time management - good reminder!
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HI @TheKatieHarper how is your EOY checklist coming along? :-D