Calling all Elphas who are going to celebrate Thanksgiving...

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Hi Hannah!I love this - I am not really celebrating Thanksgiving as a non US but obviously since I live in the US now I am very much in the spirit :)I will be at home and in fact working a bit on different project, I will cook myself a yummy dinner (turkey tenderloin for one) with a glass of bubblies and I will officilaly kick off my Holiday Movies marathon! I am so excited hahaWhat dishes are you making? Also I LOVE kimchi (kimchi pajeon #FTW)
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Well... you've just described my definition of the perfect evening! LOL So many questions.. most importantly: what bubbly will u be opening up?? I think I have a bottle of something waiting for me as well but can't remember the name. AND I love holiday movies. I usually do end up getting stuck on some Harry Potter marathons though lolI'm going to try some mac n cheese. I'm pretty awful in the kitchen and last time I tried mac n cheese it came out really gross and grainy lol. Round 2!
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HAHA right - I'm so excited about it :) Bubbly - Laurent Perrier <3 one of my faves out there :) I hope you will also open yours. If you do report back with your thoughts on it :) What are your favorite holiday movies? HP Marathons are also legit so I hope you enjoy that too :) Yum for the mac and cheese - maybe try Kimchi in it? We may as well be creative in R2! I believe in you :)
I'm in the US. In the before times, we would spend Thanksgiving with my husband's family (his parents, his sisters, and their spouses and kids), eating the traditional foods and watching movies. This year, we're all staying in our respective homes. It's also my husband's birthday, and our plans are to make comfort food, get high (it's legal in our state), and probably watch movies and nap and read. Maybe do a Zoom with our families.
Yeah it's so tough not being able to get together with those you care about! But the alternative plan sounds good to me too. What's your favorite traditional Thanksgiving foods?? Mine's gotta be mashed potatoes and gravy