Free Masterclass: How to Use Storytelling to Grow Your Brand + Get More Clients

Hi Elphas! I'm hosting a free Masterclass on how to use storytelling to grow your community online + get more clients. This is perfect for new or aspiring service based business owners who want to better connect with their audience on social media. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you the info :).
Hi @HannahShtein I’m interested. Please share the deets 😁.
Yay! Messaging you!
Hi @HannahShtein I’m interested. Thanks for doing this. Can you please share the details?
Yes!! Messaging you now
I'm interested.
Messaging you!
Sounds great! Please send me the info I would love to attend
sending you a message!
Hi @@HannahShtein, I’m interested. Can you please share the details?
Hi @HannahShtein Maybe I am responding too late, still worth taking a chance. I am interested.
I’ll message you!
Hi @HannahShtein. I'm new to the Elpha community and seeing this late but am interested. Is there a recording you can share?
I’ll message you!
Thank you :)
Hi, I got here even later, but I'm new and as a design major I think this would be so beneficial.
Messaging you as well!