Where can I find women mentors and advisors for my fintech startup?https://centsibly.io/

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Hey @nataleeI am a tech co-founder, have worked on various fin-tech products as well, and also have worked with lots of early founders. I can give you mentorship advice on the same, please connect with me at monisha@neurastats.com to have a quick call discussing about how we can help.
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Hi @natalee - I've worked in Fintech, software, and e-commerce for the last 10+ years and am happy to share my perspective if you'd like to chat. Also, looking at the Centsibly and it seems like a financial management app rather than a marketplace that connects individuals with financial professionals (CPAs, financial planners, estate planners, etc). Are you planning to make a pivot?
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Hi Cathy—thanks for reaching out. To clarify, potential customers for our financial professionals come through the financial management app. I'll DM you to set up a time to chat about our plans and progress.