Machine Learning - first steps

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Have you tried I've heard great things about it from family and friends.
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I've checked it out but haven't used it - thanks for reminding me about it though. Will leave that tab open to come back to :)
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I bought this course "Machine Learning A-Z: Hands on Python & R in Data Science" on Udemy months back, but plan to start it sometime in the next few months: Looking at the curriculum, it covers a lot. And, you can get it at a steep discount.
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I started as an associate data scientist in March of this year with no data science experience, just programming in python. My boss is awesome; she's been a data scientist for a while and knows a lot about the various resources available and what types of trainings are worthwhile for a newbie. Here's what she's had me do so far for ML:1. (Udemy course) Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp (Read textbook) Python Data Science Handbook (edx course) MIT Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python (Coursera course) Stanford Machine Learning - which you already mentioned :) I've found all of these to be good, but especially the Udemy course and (obviously) Stanford ML. Another good reference is A Super Harsh Guide to Machine Learning: this helps!
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Great stuff! Will check all above!
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Thanks so much, this list is awesome.
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I'm also very new to Machine Learning. I'm using Coursera IBM's Data Science Specialization, I'm focusing in geology and microscopy, computer vision.