Welcome to Elphas Can Code! Elphas Can Code is a place where all Elphas learning how to code can come to talk about everything related for coding, get advice or just share your coding successes. This community is open to all women in tech learning how to code from Elphas coding at work to those just getting started.If you have any questions about Elphas Can Code or have ideas on what you'd like to see here in Elphas Can Code, send a message to Sarah Bartley on Elpha or reply to this post.
Is the community just for those learning or is it open to those who already code and would be happy to answer questions?
This community is for all women in tech learning how to code. So it open for those that are learning and those who already code but would like to answer questions.
Re: what I'd like to see here - I'm a non-technical founder who wants to understand the basics of coding/programming now, and maybe build some skills over time. My question is where to start and what foundational knowledge do I actually need? Maybe a guide for getting started?
I think we could make that happen. I've been playing around with some ideas on how to grow the community and a guide about getting started with coding/programming is one of them. I've been playing around with the idea of creating one.When it comes to where to start with programming and coding, a good place to start is just start learning the basics of computer science. This will help you get an understanding of how computers work. The goal is to just get a general idea of how everything works. A good place to get an idea of computer science is Crash Course Computer Science videos but if other members have any other recommendations feel free to chime in your resources.For coding, the best place to start is with the front-end. I suggest starting with HTML & CSS. HTML & CSS as the building blocks of code. Every website needs them to make a website or a web app. Plus HTML & CSS is a good way for beginners to get practice just reading code in a friendly way. There are tons of good resources for HTML & CSS. Some are paid and some are free so you can choose whatever you like. Once you have a good understanding of HTML & CSS then you can start learning a programming language. There is a lot to learn for programming languages so it can to know which one to pick. If you know what programming languages your company is using, you can start learning one of those languages. You can find this information out by asking your IT person. If you still aren't sure, you can start with popular languages like JavaScript or Python. Hope this answer helps you answer your question a little bit. If you have more questions, post them in the group so other Elphas can help too.