Introduce yourself!

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This is amazing! Excited to see more photos from London Elpha meetups.
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Hey folks! I am a Senior Software Engineer at Webflow, working remotely for the last 2 years from my home located near Greenwich. In my free time into self-development, books, traveling and running.
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Hi Olena! I didn't realize you are based in London. πŸ™Œ
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Hi!I'm Leona and I am co founder of Reitly, and on a mission to make investment and financial literacy for everyone. I'm based in the google for startups campus. Looking forward to meeting up!
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Thanks Elpha for this and Tori for opening the group.Been in UX and Design for 10+ years, I’m not sure if I’m transitioning out of tech yet, but finding the elusive great remote job might change my mind.I’ve lived in many parts of London - HA, NW, EC, E1W, SW now I’m based in Catford with my husband. It’s so crazy how each part seems like a different city but the church we go is central, handy. These days you’d find me attending bible studies ( in Brockley and St Helens bishopsgate)Dogsitting (met so many awesome dogs and families through BorrowmyDoggy)Childminding (on Nanny training now with KoruKids)Acquiring more houseplants for my house ( spiderplants are my plant bff) and booksTrying new things in the KitchenLooking forward to seeing what this community brings and how I can contribute!
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Hello hii!I'm working in Nottingham, 2h away from London. i'm a Marketing Manager at a Mobile Game studio, BAFTA Crew Games member, and trying my best to find (or get to create) a respectful, mindful, people-centered work environment in my industry 😊Here's my LinkedIn'd be happy to come down to London for meetups, I just need to plan ahead!
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Hey Lisa! I've connected on LinkedIn with you :) Speaking of London Meetups, I think there is one being planned soon -
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Hi - thanks Tori for setting up the group. I'm Donna, co-founder of Dressipi - working with retailers to better match demand to supply and generally make clothing retail more delightful/less wasteful. Looking forward to connecting.
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Hi Everyone! Excited to be in the London group. I am an early stage founder building an ML business focused on helping managers develop and improve their EQ and leadership skills. Always happy to connect and chat with other great women!
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Thanks Tori for starting this community and it's nice to get to know all of you! πŸ˜„I live in Watford and work remotely as a frontend developer. I also recently started Tech Sisters, a newsletter to support and encourage Muslim women in tech. When I'm not working, I'm busy raising my 2 kids. One of my favourite things to do is drag them around to different national trust places and get some screen-free time. I'm really looking forward to learning more about you and see how I can help out!
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Hi everyone! I am Iulia and I am a Ruby developer currently contracting at the Crown Commercial Service in Victoria. Looking forward to a London Elpha meetup :D
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Hi ladies!Just to introduce myself I'm Christine and I work in Talent Acquisition with a focus on product and technology. I've worked in start-ups (Yieldify which was funded by Google Ventures), SMEs (TAB, a mobile development agency) and am now in-house at Financial Times Product & Technology. We run a tonne of events here focussed on anything from tech to investments :)I moved to the UK from HK 6 years ago, did a Masters in Organisational Psychology/Leadership & Talent Management, went on a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa to build a product I was extremely passionate about using conversational interfaces. I dip in and out of side hustles! The key thing I'm working on at the moment is my facilitation/presentation skills, designing workshops with a focus on hiring technical/product talent for start-ups. Hit me up on Twitter @xtine08 :)
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Hi all, I’m Ana and working on the investment team of Outlier Ventures funding the foundational protocols for a better web. Based in Rocketspace and spending most of my time in the area. Always curious and asking one question too many πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
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Hi everyone! I'm Laura, Product Owner at Provenance. We're based in Shoreditch/ Hoxton (although home is Mitcham, south London!) - I'm passionate about using tech for good, love to geek out about supply chains, speak a few languages and I like to see my role as "translating" human into software speak. Would love to hear of any upcoming meetups! Find me on linkedin:
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Hi ladies, nice to meet you all! I am Marianna and I am a co-founder of an early stage FinTech startup that looks to deliver ESG/sustainability data directly from companies to institutional investors and asset owners. My background is in investment research (I was head of EEMEA equity strategy at Morgan Stanley and held positions at JP Morgan and Bear Stearns before that) and in defense (RAND Corporation). I live in Westminster next to Battersea park and In my free time do a lot of hiking .
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Love this, thank you Tori. Great to connect with you on LinkedIn.I worked in finance and investment before becoming a female founder and life coach. I now focus on teaching entrepreneurs how to manage anxiety, stress and their time to prevent burnout and enjoy the startup journey. I also host a podcast ( I have just relocated to the UK after years in Austin & Tel Aviv and I am looking to find a community and events here.Connect with me on LinkedIn - me if I can support you in any way.All about women empowering women #letsdothis
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Hi Tori!I love the idea of introducing everyone!I’m Harriet! Based in London and I can help you find your new office!Is your company: Rotating shifts? Downsizing? Team growing? Office lease coming to an end? Wanting flexibility? Interested in the new market cost savings?We can either act on your behalf to find and secure traditional offices, or alternatively are very well positioned to find you flexible workspace/service offices on very competitive terms, on a nil fee basis.Let’s have a chat!