What's your current coding project?

What projects are you all out there coding? What stack does it use? Right now I'm working on a project in Typescript with a front end of dojo and a back end using nestjs πŸ™‚. My side project is a sort of "personal twitter" that I'm creating using Gatsby πŸŽ‰
My current coding projects are Elpha's mobile app in React Native and Elpha's web app, which uses rails/react. I'm still (Always!) in the process of learning React best practices. Particularly around state management. I was recently playing around with state management using React hooks and learning mobx. 😱😱
I'm working on an app where people could check their dogs into the office and automatically alert their office-sitters/co-workers who love those dogs.Stack: Ruby on rails, react on the front.
Just saw this twitter post about dogs and vc!
AMAZING! We are the future :P
That's awesome 🐢 Now if only I can bring my cat to an office πŸ˜„
Hahaha, I wish there's a space for cats in the office too! I love them all!
Holy moly, get Pete the little puppers who visits the lab signed up right away! He was there last week, and I missed him!
Maintaining a Sitecore CMS website.Updating a Episerver CMS website.Episerver is new to me, so totally learning it by jumping right in. If there are any Episerver coders, I'd love to chat! Their licensing is SOO different from Sitecore.C# MVCLOVE coding!!!
I'm working on building a model in python to predict 1 year survival rates of hepatocellular carcinoma patients based on liver physiology at time of diagnosis. I'm using python and trying to get a handle on modeling and regression.
There's a great online class on regression that's really helping me, it's something like linear regression 504 at Penn or Penn State. It's not a MOOC, I don't think, just the lecture notes.
I'm teaching myself Python and Data Science using Coursera Specializations, Kaggle, and I'm building a game using Django.
i lived on a boat for 3 years and built a react/rails PWA for people to track their navigations (essential for licensing) - i've been meaning to rebuild it in react native for over a year now. do not judge me for how wacky it looks :')
I'm building an inventory and production management app that should connect ecommerce website inventory in one platform (like inventory for your shopify store to integrate with your ebay, etsy stores). Trying to build features like creating purchase orders, tracking how long products are made etc... It's my first time working with APIs and it has not been easy. >.<
Working on a website where I want to blog about front end development and emigrating to the other side of the world. My goal is to help more women into tech with tutorials and blogs about both tech skills and also soft skills to make it in the tech world. I'm building it with a Vue front end and using Prismic to power the blog section of it. Also in the process of emigrating for the first time and navigating all the things involved with that, hope to shed a light on all that is involved in that for people who want to do that too. It's not live yet, but when it is I will share it if anyone is interested =)