Who here contributes to open source?

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I wish I did more! I've only made one open source contribution in my entire career and it was a very small PR.
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I've contributed to the Free Code Camp open source guide during Hacktoberfest 2017. That was the first project I ever contributed to open source. I wrote a couple of articles on user experience. My first pull request ever was done completely wrong but the second one was much better. If you are looking for more open source project ideas, Free Code Camp is a great place to start. Also look at this year's website for Hacktoberfest. They list a few repositories beginners can start with.
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Hi @samez! I'm a core maintainer of [Poetry](http://poetry.eustace.io/). We are always looking for more contributors and a non-trivial portion of our codebase is written by non-core project members. If you need any help getting started contributing, feel free to reach out to me!
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That's awesome! How did you get to be the core maintainer of the project?
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I was already a user of the tool and really enjoyed using it so when one of the organizers of PyCon Lithuania invited me to speak, I decided to make a presentation about Poetry. After the presentation, a coworker of the library author, Sebastién, came up to me and told me that Sebastién had been looking for help.I emailed Sebastién and he gave me an introduction to the project. From then on, it's been triaging issues, merging PRs, and managing the project!
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Oh that's cool! :) Yea I want to find a project I'm passionate about like that that I can donate my time too
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I work at an open source AI company with a really cool product (but I'm biased :) ). Check out our repo https://github.com/RasaHQ/rasa -- we're always looking for contributor help and have a contributor board so that you have an idea of where to get started: https://github.com/orgs/RasaHQ/projects/23