Github users, do you reveal your gender?

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Although I haven't contributed to an open source project, I also don't reveal my gender, but do have my website linked which would show that I'm a woman. As I'm just beginning to become active on GitHub I'm interested to hear what others have to say.
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I've only contributed to a couple of open-source projects during Hacktoberfest 2017. Hacktoberfest is getting ready to start soon and I'm going to try participating in the event again this year. My profile just lists my name and a very short bio of what I do. I do have a profile picture but it is consistent with the one I'm using for LinkedIn and here on Elpha. I do this just to keep everything similar with other profiles I have on different platforms.I would say my journey so far with open source when I have done it has been positive. Then again I think it is because I contributed to a repository that was supportive for all new developers. Making my first pull request was scary mostly because I've never done it in a professional way. The first pull request I did make was on a Github repository for my Skillcrush blueprint so it was a safe space. So I was terrified making my first pull request during Hacktoberfest 2017 since it wasn't in that safety net with instructors responding back to my pull request. This time it was with real developers who would be reading and responding back to my pull requests which made me really nervous. However they were all very nice and even sent me a message back thanking me for my pull requests.
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Thank you for sharing. I was so nervous the first time I joined Break into Tech by SkillCrush. I was so nervous about Git/Github, now I’m not.
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I haven't had issues on GitHub, and I'm tired of hiding my gender. Although the latter is a pendulum, I'm sure it'll swing back to "tired of dealing with my gender" soon enough.
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My github profile picture and name both reveal my gender... but I have done very little open source work. What I did do was on a project where a friend was very active and he asked for help updating and porting their documentation to a new system.. so it was easy since I already knew someone there.
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My handle and my name and photo reveal my gender. I have yet to contribute to an open source project, though.
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Years ago I had thought not to and I think my profile still hasn't got my gender set. BUT.. in recent years I have added a professional photo and people can guess my gender from that and my name. I mainly work on paid projects and I feel it is professional for my team to see who I am when they are working with me, as I am a remote worker. I do not like to be a faceless person on the end of a keyboard. I try to build relationships with those I work with, even though we do not sit in the same "office". I haven't contributed to open source code, but I do post issues and watch bugs, etc using my profile. So far, I haven't experienced anything bad from all of this.