🔍 Searching for Podcast Guests!

I have a podcast Nobody Wants To Work Tho and need podcast guests!

I do career switcher stories to give people inspiration about how it's never too late


interview horror stories to vent about these horrible interview processes.

Would you like to be a guest and tell one of your stories?

[email protected]

Ok first off, I love your podcast art. It's really speaking to me! I have a semi-related podcast about the ways people reinvent themselves after breakups (romantic breakups, career, all kinds!) called The Breakup Evolution. I had a lot of luck with It helped me get my start and then after a few episodes people started reaching out on their own through the platform.
Thanks Sara! I'll check it out!
I’m in. I’ll go through the link today.
Hey Elyse!I'd love to be a guest and share my story. I sent you an email with a bit more info. I look forward to working with you!
So great! Just sent you an email.
Hi! Thanks for your post. I am interested in learning more about your podcast and potentially being a guest.I haven't entirely switched careers but I changed jobs and started a business while changing jobs. My background is in leadership/change/health/well-being so starting a business feels like starting a new career. If you think this fits your podcast please let me know. Good luck with finding guests and great topic!
I'd be interested to chat as well.
Hey @eyrobinson! Would love to connect - I’ve got a bunch of career swapping stories from the arts in Singapore, to matchmaking, selling sandwiches in NY, and tech sales leadership in SF! Would love to be a part of your awesome podcast :)
You sound like me! Lol I'm sending the information to you!
Im actually a recruiter for Latam so happy to be a guest if its of interest to you! I have been on both sides (interviewer and interviewee) and I also switched my career.