Looking for runners (or wannabe runners) to test our new app!https://bit.ly/Lupa-Ele

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@EleMant Runner in the house and happy to help! :)
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Thanks so much!!
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Runner here too! Would love to check it out:)
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Am a runner and would be honored to participate!
KatieDoran's profile thumbnail
Would absolutely love to test it! Will check out the link :)
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Thanks so much Katie! And please feel free to share it wih other runners who might be interested, the more we are the better!
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@iynna @MelissaStillerman @vivli @KatieDoran thank you all so much for wanting to help and try it out! Please share it around as many runners as you can, we want to run the tests with as many varied and diverse runners as possible :D
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Thank you for the offer. Would love to try it!
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Thank you Ellen! Please leave your email on the website to join the waitlist and we'll email you as soon as we begin with the tests :)
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I signed up, I've had to stop running for a couple of years due to injury but I'm heading out again soon!
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Amazing! So glad to have you!
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Sounds great, signed up to give it a go. I love running but have found it hard during lockdown when the running events I would go to usually aren't happening - I'm less good at getting out there on my own, so maybe this will help.
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Thank you! Yes hopefully we'll be able to help :)
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I signed up! and i love seeing how many other Elpha runners there are ๐Ÿ™‚
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Thank you, and I agree! So beautiful to see how many share this passion! I'll also add also it's great how many are keen to help each other on this platform :)
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Hey -- Runner here, would love to help the Lupa team! I've been using NRC for trained runs, would love to help with feedback!
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Brilliant! Thank you! If you left your email on the website we'll be in touch soon!
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Also a runner--Just signed up!! :)
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Just signed up! :)
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Also a runner and actively use apps such as NRC, Aaptiv so can definitely compare!
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Sounds like an awesome product. Happy to help!
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@EleMant happy to help!
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I'd be happy to add this to my Morning Routine!
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Would love to hear more! I'm just trying to get back into running now
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Hi, I have been running for 30 years, non-stop! :) run everyday because I love it and how it makes me feel. Would like to test out app. Have a few questions: I am based in New Zealand and see have navigation on routes, I guess these are based in the USA? or not? or does the app suggest routes based on your location whereever you are in the world? Are you advise on running from runners experts or coaches? or how does it work? Cheers Jane
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Is the test still live? A close friend in an amateur marathon running. I was going to send her the link
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sounds cool :) I had a knee injury last year and am easing back in to running, I've always loved it. I want to stay safe so form and foot placement guidance would be awesome too