We launched personalised running courses! (And looking for beta testers)https://www.wearelupa.com/

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Signed up! This looks cool!
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That's awesome! Thank you!!! Feel free to share with friends if you think they'd like to try :D
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Signed up!
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Signed up - can't wait. I'm really trying to get into running, but seem to be coming up with excuses recently. Looking forward to this as some motivation.
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So glad to hear that! Hopefully we'll be able to help you as coach and motivation buddy! Let me know how it goes!
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I just signed up! I'm excited about what you are creating. I always wanted to do a marathon but I can never leave the 5k mark. A little advice: when I was trying to signup, your website was a little bit slow. Maybe it's worth checking that out? Congrats on your launch!
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Signed up! Looking forward