Looking for some new slack communities to join.

Hi ladies,

I'm looking for some new slack communities to join. What are your fave flack groups, and why? Thanks in advance

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Hi! Thank you for sharing! Here is a slack community if you would like to join - https://join.slack.com/t/redefiningtech/shared_invite/zt-13cnd3bxg-EL5Nyhaaj6AXxkyy_z1nWQ :)
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Hi Dipisha- what is this Slack community about?
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H @Chitraf! Community is to help improve diversity & inclusion within the tech community, especially to those who want to transition to careers in tech from non-technical backgrounds as that was my story :)
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Thank you. I've just joined. Excited to meet others and learn from those who don't have a tech background but are very much interested and open!
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Women in Tech - invite-only Slack community for all women/femmes/non-biarary folks working in or interested in transitioning to tech. Feel free to DM me with your email address and I can add you. Data Angels - Slack community for women working in or interested in a career in analytics/data science/data engineering/etc. DM https://twitter.com/data_angels for an invite.Locally Optimistic - Slack community for anyone working in or interested in data - https://locallyoptimistic.com/community/#joining-the-community
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Thank you for sharing these, Maggie! I love WIT. I'm going to look at the other two you've shared.
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Anyway to get into data angles if one doesn't have Twitter? I'd love to participate
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I have sent them a tweet. I couldn't DM them, so I will let them know someone else is interested. Send a DM over to me so that I could get your email address. :)
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The Elpha team Slack channel (fine not a community haha) but otherwise 1) the Global Women in VC and 2) Black Women in VC :)
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@heysharonpaz following this thread! i'm hunting for some new ones too! great q!