Ta-da: published a new website for a new venture!https://www.carteblanchecareers.com/

@joa and I are getting started and working together on a new venture: Carte Blanche Careers! We believe that when you take ownership of your career narrative and use it to frame your experience, you have more control over your career trajectory. You choose how you cultivate your professional life and create your career.

Carte Blanche Careers offers workshops for tangible job search skills; we're offering: Ready, Set, Get Hired! starting in February. And we cover more than the practical details; we offer support to you as you navigate the tumultuous work world.

We are just getting started and hope you'll follow along! Our website is up and running plus we're on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Congratulations!! Looks great!
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Thank you @tanmayisai!
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Congratulations! The site looks great, love the colors and the font, ; navigationenu is great too.
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Thank you @joycelyndghansah - I really appreciate the feedback!