Special Request: IT Decision Maker to Speak to the Ad team at NY Times - Compensated

Posting on behalf of my husband's team who is looking for some experts in the IT space, specifially female IT decsion-makers. You get to chat with them and get $200.

More below:

IT Decision Makers

We are looking for IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) - who fit the following criteria:

  • Have sole or joint responsibility for researching, evaluating, and purchasing IT software, hardware and other technological products/services as a part of their job;
  • Work at mid-to-large size companies (ideally over 50 - 75 employees);
  • Work in the industries of Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Automotive, Pharma, Telecommunications, Retail / Wholesale, Education, Tech, etc.;
  • Have significant managerial authority (think Director level or above); and
  • Read the NYT at least weekly.

Interview Details

For those invited, we will ask them to participate in a 60 min video interview. Interview topics will include:

  • How they make IT purchasing decisions in their professional role (i.e. what tech products do they purchase for their companies and what are their key decision drivers?);
  • Perceptions of tech companies and their products and what factors shape these perceptions; and
  • Media consumption habits, particularly related to tech industry news and trends.

Interviewees will be paid $200 for their successful participation.

Recruitment Process

If you have someone in mind, please send:

  • Their name;
  • 1-2 sentences about what they do/their background; and
  • A link to their LinkedIn or other relevant resource (e.g. their ‘About Me’ on a company website).

Feel free to reach out to me and I'll pass your info along to the team.