Escalate issue @ Tesla

Can anyone help me with escalating an issue to Tesla corporate? My elderly dad is being continually charged for the same service issue, which appears to be a defect. The local service center bro just laughed and mansplained that he was my only option for help & he wasn't going to do anything. I asked to escalate the issue and he said, "no, I'm not going to". Thanks for any potential help.
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I unfortunately can't help directly but I do know that Elon is somewhat responsive to specific requests on social media (more so than most CEOs - or Technokings, as is his new title). Have you tried reaching out to him or others at Tesla via social? In fact, by bumping this on social, you may find others have the same problem which would make Tesla more responsive (usually). I hope you reach someone.
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Thanks! A friend of a friend who has a pretty high-up job there escalated it for me today so, we'll see. The guy was such a jerk and so condescending that it really made me want to follow through.
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Good luck! Sounds awful....