The Elpha 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

A curated list of products and services featuring founders in the Elpha community.

We are so excited to share the Official Elpha 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve curated a special gift guide of products and services created by Elpha members.

Whether you’re gifting a friend, a family member, a co-worker or a significant other, we’ve got you covered this holiday season – gifts for furry friends included!

Read on for some amazing products from women founders on Elpha. 👇

1. Dog Gear by Seawoof

Seawoof uses ocean-bound plastic, fishing nets, and textile waste to create beautiful, premium-quality dog products. They understand the dilemma: you want to shower your pup with fresh gear but know that buying and tossing cheap, poor-quality pet products contributes to climate disaster by filling landfills and oceans with plastic junk. 

Seawoof created a circular solution for dog owners who believe climate change is real and want to make purchasing choices based on environmental impact.

Code for the Elpha Community: Elpha20 for 20% off on Eco-Artisan collection through 12/18. Shop here

Founded by Elpha Member: Kirsten Sedestrom

2. Topknot Membership

Get the benefits of life coaching without the cost or upfront commitment.

Code for the Elpha Community: Use code ELPHA10 to receive your first month of membership for only $10 (normally $19/mo). Sign up here

Founded by Elpha Member: Claire Shorall

3. Curling Headbands by RobeCurls

RobeCurls’ multi-award-winning heatless Curling Headband is designed to create the longest-lasting curls and healthier hair. Anytime, anywhere. Every purchase includes a free CurlTalk – a 15 min virtual 1-on-1 consultation with one of their hair curling experts.

Code for the Elpha Community: ELPHA for 10% off on the collection. Shop here

Founded by Elpha Member: Emily Kenison

4. Trustworthy Subscription

Give your loved ones the gift of peace of mind (and a head start on their New Year's resolutions!) with Trustworthy. Trustworthy is a secure digital service that protects, organizes, and optimizes your important information, from passports and health insurance cards to tax returns and mortgage documents. Even better, Trustworthy offers a 14-day free trial, and 20% off gift subscriptions.

Submitted by Elpha Member: Mariah Parker

5. Merch by Choice Club

Choice Club just launched to support the rights of women. 50% of profits go to fund non-profit organizations that provide help with abortion access to those in need. For the holidays we have products to dismantle the patriarchy. 

Code for the Elpha Community: ELPHA15 for 15% off the collection. Shop here

Founded by Elpha Member: Matana LePlae

6. Zora Chocolate Bars

ZORA's mission is to champion a radical change in the way the world sees West African cocoa, with 72% Single Origin Ghana dark chocolate bars that are mindfully made. They engage in transparent and sustainable supply chain practices to produce specialty chocolate. Every bar that they sell, funds one day of school for a student at the Tarkwa Breman Girls' School in Ghana.

Code for the Elpha Community: Elphachoc10 for a 10% discount. Shop here

Founded by Elpha Member: Fatima-Zohra Hakam

7. Bye Bye Cramps by the Girls Company

62.8 million people in the U.S. alone experience period cramp pain. Of those, 40% experience pain so severe, they're forced to skip work or school.

The Girls Company created a discreet, portable, long lasting and all natural solution to alleviate period cramp pain. Now you can take your heated relief on the go. Don't let period cramps hold you back anymore!

Code for the Elpha Community: ELPHA for a 20% discount. Shop here

Founded by Elpha Member: Abby Warner

8. Intimacy Games by Amorus 

Add some holiday sizzle to your relationship! Amorus is games and intimate fun for couples on a secure, private app. Start sexy new convos, uncover shared fantasies, and get delicious - all with total control. Free on iOS for the holidays, join here .

Founded by Elpha Member: Elizabeth Dell 

9. Seaweed Underwear by Esme

Esme is a wellness-centric brand that launched first with seaweed-based underwear that’s good for you. It even helps prevent yeast infections and UTIs. Check Esme out on Instagram .

Code for the Elpha Community: ELPHA10 for 10% off the collection. Shop here

Founded by Elpha Member: Katherine Jacobson

10. Sticker Pack by Girltelligence

 The perfect stocking stuffer for the teen girls/young women in your life or for yourself:  a pro-choice, feminist holiday sticker pack from Girltelligence. Girltelligence is a free safe app for teen girls to talk about anything and support each other. A psychiatrist founded it with the help of a wonderful advisory board of young women. Their merch helps support them, and their users love showing their support for other women in real life as well as on the app. 

Code for the Elpha Community: ELPHA for 10% off on the collection. Find and shop the sticker pack here

Founded by Elpha Member: Naama Barnea-Goraly

11. The Posture Bra by Etalon

Etalon is a California-based company producing sustainable apparel that helps people to solve posture issues.

The Etalon posture bra gently trains your shoulder and spinal muscles to maintain good posture without restricting movement during your daily activities. The posture bra has patent-pending technology of a unique strap system that allows gradually developing muscle memory and then readjusting it over time. Etalon Posture Apparel is designed and sustainably manufactured in California using fabric from rPET (recycled post-consumer plastic bottles) with a modified structure that makes it biodegradable. Check Etalon on Instagram

Code for the Elpha Community: ELPHA20 for a 20% discount. Shop here

Founded by Elpha Member: Kristina Rudzinskaya

🎁 Check out the full thread of unique gift ideas on Elpha.

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