Why Breathing is the most important thing you need to work on for your well-being!https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0pdO6vrz8oGNWgblsIUuHLsmWZhpzAAIME

Join us this Friday for a great event with health and women's health coach Patricia Ladis


6.00 PM CET

Breathing is foundational for health and well-being. Optimally breathing despite challenges (social triggers, stress, work postures, pregnancy or postpartum) is important. If you don’t breathe utilizing your diaphragm and nose doing daily tasks or exercising you may be missing out on the key ingredient to your well-being. Learn the tools you need to build your foundation so that you can achieve the health you’ve been striving for!

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I LOVE this and couldn’t agree more :) Elpha is putting together a resource to understand how to deal wit stress and I literally said “breathing” sometimes that is all I need or can do!https://elpha.com/posts/uthal6n3/when-you-feel-stressed-or-burnt-out-what-do-you-do#j1e23kug