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What does it mean to be a women? From the moment we come to this world, we are poured of expectations. During adolescence we get in what we call “The cycles”. As it names describe it, its a cycle of life. Periods, hot flashes, pms, endometriosis, cpos, adenomyosis, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, fibroids, infertility, contraception, IUD, infection, breast cancer, sexual health, pregnancy, miscarriage, maternal health, parentality, menopause, mental health...

Ninti is born from our personal painful experiences and tons of conversations with other women.

We are holding our monthly call where we gather like minded people thriving for better care for people with uteruses.

We are based in Paris, France and pretty international.

Tuesday 18 January,

You can register here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJctd-Ctqj0pG912QQ2XBqS8IvNGh0hrPLAb

If you can't join this time, feel free to connect with us on [email protected]