OMG just launched my new business

I've got 2 Qs for you.

Hey business babes! I haven't shared anything on this amazing platform yet,

but I felt like today is definitely the day I should, because... I've just launched my new business!

Goldapple Agency 2.0 #soproud #celebratemilestones

Before, I was offering PR and influencer marketing-related services, and although I liked it... I didn't love it.

SO, I started thinking back to when I was a little: what were the things I loved doing, what were my passions? Did some meditating too... And then it clicked.

I decided to do a complete transition from PR- to Creative Design Agency. Now providing stunning Webdesign [in 1 week], Spicy Branding and Social Media Styling (and more...) for Creative Leaders & Boundary Breaking Brands.


Now I've got 2 Qs for you.

1. If you know anyone who could use some business revamp: send them over ✨🥂 (you'll be rewarded ofc!)

2. At what time did you know for sure: YES. This is what I need to be doing. Or are you in a current transition too? Would love to hear your story!

XO - Charissa Goldapple

Thanks @iasha & @kathrin! What's your AHA moment when it comes to finding your dream job?? :-)
I haven't found mine yet but I trust I'm making my way!