New Elpha Looking to Talk About Marketing Operations & Automation

Hi, I’m Danyn in San Francisco. I manage and automate marketing campaigns to attract, guide, and track leads throughout their customer journey. I’ve been in digital marketing and real estate for over ten years, specializing in websites, email, CRMs, and integrations, and am now focusing on marketing automation and operations.

I have significantly increased efficiencies for five companies, saving hundreds of hours, by creating low-code/no-code automations and workflows to manage lead flow, onboarding processes, and marketing campaigns. For example, I recently built an automated lead distribution system for a 100+ person brokerage resulting in a 95% improvement in lead response time, without a word of code.

I’m looking for my next opportunity and would love to hear about your experience getting into audience scaling, marketing automation, and marketing operations. If that's what you do, I have questions! (Or if that's what your company needs, let's connect!)