Feedback on people in tech’s biggest challenge

If you could wave a magic wand and make your biggest tech workplace challenge disappear, what would it be?

Getting hired.
Scaling effectively and hopefully successfully! it's really hard to from a 2-people to a 100-people organisation so if there were some sort of a magic fixes to make it easy for companies that would be amazing :) !
I just had a similar experience with this! That would be amazing
No way! Would you like to share with the group? (To the extent you can!)
Yeah, you pretty much have to redo your vision and infrastructure with new processes under a new strategy. In the beginning it is a couple of people doing everything to get it done and if the company can be mindful of proactively establishing the infrastructure under the expansion vision it goes a lot smoother. I’ve been a part of two startups that did this pretty well 😁
it's this whole reinventing the wheel process that I find extremely inefficient (but I get it it's also really hard). That's great to hear you had two positive experiences. Do you know what to attribute the success of both leadership teams?
I think they had strong strategy skills and weren’t afraid to get it wrong and try things out, keep iterating as things change. Also they were very positive and transparent that they are learning and growing too. No one has it all figured out and it was nice to hear that 😁
that's wonderful to hear! it sounds like they went for it and were able to convey that vision and that spirit of trying out/failing/iterating fast to the rest of the team! I am glad to hear it was a positive experience that you can bring in any other next adventures!