If you had a magic wand what career or workplace challenges would you have disappear?

Hi everyone,

I have had so many lessons learned in my career as an engineer and I'd love to hear what career or workplace challenges people would have disappear with a magic wand? My magic wand would be to remove the "status quo" thinking and replace it with more innovative thinking. What's yours?

All the biases in the workplace! But if I were to be specific: biases towards "people like me" which perpetuate problems like lack of ethnic, gender, and thought diversity.
I’m curious, what is something you would like to see to feel more included?
I mean this wholeheartedly and not just because we're on Elpha: women
I agree!
Yes! Yes! More inclusion and more diversity 🙌🙌🙌 Thanks for sharing!
Office politics and incompetent managers/people. Let’s reinstate true meritocracy!
Couldn’t agree more! Thanks for sharing! 🙏
I’m curious, what would you love to see from your manager to make your experience awesome? It’s helpful for me when expectations are clear and I get the development support I need to keep growing. Oh also hearing that they appreciate me ❤️What is it for you?
I think we got an amazing additional comment below from an anon member but I think they said it right: someone who has people skills! Like I don't want JUST a manager but I want a leader! Someone who can inspire me, someone who can vouch for me, and who I can learn from - I take great pleasure serving these types of people and hope to be the same for someone else!
I would expand on this with a recognition that competence as a manager should be determined by people management skills alone, I've had managers who were promoted into management roles because of their successes as an IC, but they sucked as managers. Being smart/good at your job does not mean you will make a good people manager, and there's nothing wrong with climbing the ranks as an IC!
Ah yes so true and totally agree with you! So many managers who are terrible managers because they do not have the people skills necessary! Being a manager is hard AF and adds a whole new layer of complexity to the role so it's not for everyone for sure! For the benefit of the business and org, excellent IC who have the desire to stay IC, should be supported in those aspirations!
Thank is so true and insightful. Developing the people skills is so important for being an effective manager including vulnerability!
Tolerating toxic behavior because the person is a high performer. I don't care how smart you are, if you're difficult to work with and act like an ass hole, you should be shown the door!
Absolutely 👍 💯 thanks for sharing!!
Working on it! facilitates Burnout Prevention Hack-A-Thons and self-care events in the workplace to foster connection and meaning on the job :) .
Increasing ownership while decreasing hierarchy.
Do you mean give people more autonomy?
Yes. By way of actual ownership.
Totally makes sense. I see leaders be afraid to give up ownership for sure and agree. Companies need to give space for people to take on more responsibility, make mistakes, and give grace and support to help them learn and grow. I wish I had that in my career
Not listing the exact salary or range in the postings. A REALISTIC range so there's no secret what you're getting into. No one wants to be overworked and underpaid for the org to remain competitive when they're really not
That is totally reasonable, thanks for sharing!
The workplace challenge of people not reacting. And I don't even mean about the big stuff... I have done so many presentations (about processes, new systems, our new training plan...) where people ask no questions at all and I'm looking at a room full of expressionless faces. Like, if you understood everything a head-nod would be nice and if you didn't, please ask!
I totally get what you mean. It’s like everyone is numbing out