Beat the Odds In Your Job Search

Searching for a job can be difficult and stressful, especially in today's ever-changing, challenged marketplace. Many people use online platforms to search and apply for jobs and hope this will be enough to get an interview and land an offer. Although online platforms are great resources for job searches, it is important to apply directly on a company’s website, as well as focus on networking which is how 60% of jobs are found. Per Cleverism, 75% of applications are rejected by a computer, based on a word search program. One way to address this hurdle is to match the wording in one’s resume skills section to the language used for those skills in the job posting. According to Robert Meier, President of Job Market Experts, only the top 2% of applicants make it to the interview process. This means that applicants must make themselves stand out in the crowd. It is important to take action after submitting your resume. After a minimum of two weeks, consider following up by sending a copy of your application directly to the hiring manager and/or ask for a referral of someone within the target company to highlight your submission. LinkedIn is a good starting point to find the hiring manager or someone you know at the company, as well as asking friends and family. From our Hello Career Guru research among female executives, building a network is also a critical way to find mentors and build your professional community for the long-term. For more advice subscribe to our free newsletter. We are also offering free coaching sessions if you email [email protected]Dream. Plan. Succeed.The Team at Hello Career Guru