I'm about to turn 30 ... what advice do you have?

I feel like I had a pretty successful time in my 20's. Made a good career move, got married, got a dog, love my manager and team, have amazing WLB and a good salary.

What advice would you give someone going into their 30s?

Kudos to you for crushing your 20s! Keep doing what you are doing I'd say (?)But also I am following the responses here :-D
That all sounds awesome! Good for you! I'm 35 and what I can suggest that can bring you the most benefit is to really examine your values - is your lifestyle aligned with your personal values? and also I would pay attention to a feeling of fulfillment & meaning - what are the ways you are creating fulfillment and meaning for yourself? These two areas started to get more and more important as I was in my 30s.
Welcome to your third decade! Take time to reevaluate your investments - time, money, career, health and future.Time - Spend your time doing things that bring you joy in all areas of your life.Money - Make your money work hard for you through smart investing in real estate (own a home), stocks, rainy day fund, etc. Be conscious of maintaining a budget so you can live the lifestyle you want now (without going into debt) while planning for your future (retirement).Career - Are you complacent? Is your job too comfortable? Perhaps it is time for a a new role, different department or company. Health - Your body may be changing (metabolism slows down), grays start to sprout and wrinkles start to form. Honor your body, spirit and mind by making healthy decisions about what you consume. Even what you watch, who you hang out with and what you read can impact your mental health. You have one body and one life so treat it like the goddess it is and honor it daily. Future - I kind of hint at it earlier in my previous lines but make short term (1 year) and long term (2-5 year goals). Make them too if mind with a vision board or a sign you can see daily.Welcome to your third decade!
Thank you! I’ve been thinking about buying a house but the market is so hot right now. Do you think it makes sense to buy now or wait a bit?
I am not a realtor and can’t predict real estate. All I can tell you is 10 years ago we bought a house when I thought it was too expensive. It was a culture shock moving from Minneapolis to San Diego. Now that cost is worth double what I paid for it. Whatever’s you do make sure it’s within your means and you don’t sacrifice the life you want because of a house. I have lived with my parents for months to skip the rental cost to make a bigger down payment so our mortgage could be more reasonable. Don’t be so egotistic that you don’t do what you need to help your financial future.