Looking for a career coach

I am starting to think ahead to 2022 and planning for how I want to improve myself. I have started thinking about dabbling in some career coaching. I'm a senior-level UX Researcher and am focused on being an Individual Contributor (not manager), although I'm ok with some mentoring here and there. I am focused on some of the following questions

* I love my team and my boss. Can't complain about my salary either. But am I stagnating? Getting too comfortable?

* I want to focus on self-promotion a bit more. I HATE marketing myself and even asking for help in the job, but I know it is holding me back in my career. How can I improve this stuff?

* How can I package everything that I do nicely in job interviews? I have a ton of experience but feel like I undercut myself a bit in interviews.

* i struggle a bit to make conversation in interviews. I tend to just focus on the work & not the personal...

I would love to work with someone on these questions But I have no idea how to start finding a coach. I also don't want to spend a TON of money on this unless I know it's going to be worth it!

Hey! I’m a career and job search coach focused on helping folks land their next job in tech. I’ve worked with 5 UX Researchers in the last year to help them get new jobs. I’d be happy to chat if you are looking for support in your job search. You can book a time here through Elpha Rewards with 50 points or apply for coaching on my website
+1 for Stephanie! She's been super helpful with Elpha members in general!
Hi! I am an executive coach helping women in tech to achieve the results they want. I am a former HR executive and an ICF certified coach, and have spent my career working with tech professionals. Contact me if you would like to learn more.
I strongly recommend @CareerCoachSteph! I also struggle with the promotion & conversational part of job searching - working work Steph I always leave with strategic action items & a confident boost.
Thanks for the mention, Amina!
I’ve been working with @MyrnaKing who is a godsend!
The Elpha Rock Stars like @cathygao are amazing clients to work with!
Hi There!I'm a Career Coach too and I focus on helping women with up-level their mindset for career transition or for career advancement. I have worked as Digital Project Manager in a past career. I have not worked specifically with UX Researchers.Feel free to check out my free Career Clarity Quiz to get a feel for my approach. Here's the link: may also like to check out my free quick 15 min Career Success Booster Classes: free to check me out on LinkedIn: free to DM me if you'd like to chat further.I wish you every success in finding the right career coach for you. To your career success!Warm Regards,Ekua 💛Head Cheerleader for Career Magic
Hi there! Those are excellent questions. I'd love to support you. I coach women in tech to uplevel their career through the lens of personal growth and developing a deep awareness of your values and beliefs. Happy to discuss some of your most pressing questions on a short call.You can book a time for a short chat so we can get to know each other:
Hi @ossie26, what a great moment to know you want to focus on being an individual contributor and that you are ready to push yourself to the next level there. Exciting! I've personally worked on career development (internal and external) for individual contributors at various hi-tech companies and it is truly an interesting void where it can be hard to develop oneself without moving into a managerial path. I actually think this is a perfect match for a program I'm collaborating on that is starting this November. It's called the Shape of Work ( and it helps you figure out where you're going next in your career with the support of peer-to-peer pods and live facilitations. You have to get a little vulnerable as part of it and lead conversations in new ways - which will help you with your last point of adding a bit of the personal to your chats. From personal experience, it really challenged me to find a way to bring my real self to everything I do and I now come with a different feeling of confidence and ease and it helped me make a plan for how I'm getting to my next step. I'd love to chat with you about your next move to feel free to DM me if we can jam on it!! <3
Not sure if you're still on the hunt but I am happy to talk through my program, From Stuck to Fulfilled: Building a Work Life You Love if you're interested.We work on everything from mindset (imposter syndrome) and figuring out what fulfills you at work to building your job search materials and honing in on interviewing skills. Also, networking the RIGHT way is a big part of efficient job searching and I teach that as well.Plus, I connect you with my network!You can learn more at