Two weeks my startup got rejected from YC. My co-founder and I gave everything to this application. I also quit my job in August to devote myself to this venture, it was a little disappointing to not be invited to interview this round.

However, after the holiday break and much thought, I am not giving up. I will keep working on my startup because I am passionate about the idea behind Typogram and helping our users. We are not letting this stop us and are putting our heads down again and making progress, which I shared in my newsletter in a longer post. We are keeping our heads on the goal of building a profitable business and we are not giving up.

I just want to know share here in case anyone else is suffering from the same rejection.

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THAT's the spirit!1) Rejection is protection - admissions into these programs is a black box. Look at it this way, YC probably isn't a fit for you... right now! that doesn't mean it will never be a fit. (A lot of companies have applied 2x or 3x before getting in, I am not saying that's what you should automatically do but at least keep that in mind as an option).If YC is where you want your startup to be for the next phase of growth it will happen! The otherpiece is that that you probably have more discovery to do (I am speaking from experience working at an equally renowned accelerator program), and these programs take up A LOT of your time, time that you spend away from learning about your customers, the product and overall time spent away from building so you need to be in the right space for them.2) YC or any other programs does not get to decide anything on your business (you get to do that) so a rejection/acceptance does not equate bad/good business3) Keep your heads down, listen to your market and learn- this is the best time to do it, full of possibilities and options for you!I'm excited for you and for what's to come!
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Hi Wentin, congrats on your perspective and on your business! I've seen some amazing founders get rejected from YC. I have a Slack Workspace for founders, if you're interested in joining us DM me your email address -we'd love to have you!
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I feel you, it feels bad every time! It feels extra bad when you see certain YC companies that did get funded for terrible ideas (I'm looking at you, SkipTheInterview). I didn't bother applying last round, mostly because my startup ( was starting to get good traction on its own, and the YC value proposition wasn't as enticing. But just remember: bigwigs at VCs don't determine your company's value: your users do! If people want it, by all means, build away. YC isn't the only game in town.
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Hi Wentin, thanks for sharing your story. The founders at my current startup got rejected 2 times, applied again and got accepted in the third try. Keep building and traction will do the talking :)
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I was on the exec team at a YC company that didn't do so hot. When I started my own company 6 months ago (leaving my job to focus full-time in Jan), my former boss/ that YC founder's advice was to avoid giving up equity if at all possible. Try to bootstrap and make it profitable so you aren't forced onto an arbitrary growth curve. I'm trying to take his advice, but I'm sorely missing the community of similar stage founders that comes with an incubator. Maybe we can connect? Any other bootstrap entrepreneurs out there?