Show Elpha: We just launched our beginner-friendly logo design tool for startups!

Hey everyone!

We are super excited to share Typogram, a next-generation logo design and editing tool for non-designers. Typogram helps you to design a unique logo for your startup. No more random logo generations; DIY your unique logo and be in charge of your brand from day one. Typogram also helps you learn essential branding and marketing knowledge in the design process.

Why did we build Typogram?

We are both passionate designers that want to create easy-to-use design tools that enable people to feel empowered and creative. We want to make the design more accessible for non-designers, especially startup founders and entrepreneurs!

Our Journey

At the beginning, Typogram was a design tool for professional designers. As we interviewed users, we realized that our app better served non-designers. We met many new business owners looking to launch their product with with branding and a unique logo. They needed their logos designed but didn’t know who to turn to. Many ended up designing logos themselves and complained about the lack of learning resources and an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly tool geared especially for non-designers to design logos.After hearing about this pain point, we put our heads down to work.


  • Exclusive, proprietary slider editable icons you won’t find anywhere else.
  • 8 integrated logo design methods
  • Brand kit featuring logos, brand color palette, fonts, and brand guideline
  • Mini design, typography, and marketing lessons integrated with the app

🔮 We are now offering pre-order. For a limited time, we are offering single-brand lifetime license at $49.99, 60% off from the original price of $124.99. This means you can design and edit your (one) brand in our app forever. You can find out more in our brand new homepage!

Let us know below if you have any feedback or questions about Typogram!