We finally launched!!! 🌼🌼DAIZY.AI 🌼🌼 Feedback welcome pleasehttps://www.daizy.ai/

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Congratulations!!! What an amazing milestone! I immediately love the graphic you shared here and checked our your site. Just so beautiful and clean, so easy on the eyes! And I have awful taste in aesthetics so this site certainly makes me feel like it's less daunting. The only thing I'd say was the Customer Service question in the corner was a bit distracting where it blocked a part of the page even when I scrolled down. But really other than that, amazing work! It's just so pretty and I love how this graphic is a gif with the different pieces coming up. Congrats again, Vanessa!
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Thank you so much @HannahBaldovino! We have the pop up for help on the landing page as it goes thru alchemy fine home’s site first, but once you open up the app it goes away. Maybe we can turn it off on that page. I’d love to have a design concierge on stand by to help people once they’re in the design process inside of Daizy. If you made a board please save and share it with us to see! Thanks for taking the time to give me your feedback!
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@vanessavw congratulations on your launch, your website is beauitufl! My name is Shermin Lakha and I am the Managing Attorney of LVLUP Legal (www.lvluplegal.com), a boutique virtual law firm representing startups, digital companies, and entrepreneurs. If you need any legal assistance, please do not hesistat to reach out!
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Thank you so much @LVLUPLegal!!!! I appreciate the offer.