Looking to start a founder peer group πŸ’«

Hey everyone! I'm looking to start a peer group for early-stage founders, ideally with the following:-Bootstrapping for now-Less than 2 years in -Digital business with some focus on community -Can meet morning ESTWe'd meet 2x/month to work through challenges and spark new ideas. Thanks!Edit: Email [email protected] if you're interested. Thanks!Full disclosure: I run a company that facilitates peer groups for entrepreneurs (https://www.hellofacet.com/), but I'm looking to create a group for me - sort of a testbed for new ideas/a format for me to get all the benefits of peer-to-peer too!
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I am super into this and need it! Let’s connect!
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What are your goals for your business? Venture backing at some stage?
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My business is likely not right for traditional venture, but open to alternative funding sourcing - not bootstrapping forever.
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Happy to participate/help. I recently raised seed funding as a co-founder of a community-based digital mental fitness startup, but I’m full of ideas and have thought about, worked in, and invested in community-focused startups for most of my career. Based in SF, so ET mornings are tough. If you’re also looking for emotional support from peers along the startup journey, would love for you to give Pace a try for a season: https://pace.group/t/founders
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I would love to be a part of this. I could used some advice and grow my network. 😁
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I'm happy to facilitate. I run sessions and groups for women in tech via https://empowered-tech.com/ I'm scheduled to run a Female Entrepreneur Roundtable Series this month.
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I love this idea! I'm working on a startup right now and would love to connect.
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I would love to join!
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I love this idea! Sign me up! Thanks for organizing :)
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Hi, yes I'm interested, I would like to participate, I match the requirements.
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I’m interested as well!
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Love the idea! How to signup/start?
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Hey everyone! I DM'ed you to follow up and added an edit above. If you're interested, email me so we can coordinate. Thanks!
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i'm interested! hope i'm not too late =)
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Email me for details! (info in the description above)
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Sounds fun - I’d be interested!
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Email me for details! (info in the description above)
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I’m in!What’s next?
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Sending you an E-mail! Thanks for doing this.
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Sending an email.
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interested @rcharlesworth, great idea!
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Definitely interested, love to connect!
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I'm down! This is great idea and would I love to be apart of this.
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Hi,Just sent you an email. I have Fitfannie, a beginners fitness app that I launched in May. Thanks for doing this. Hoping to connect. Girls, let's start by following on IG. Here is my IG https://www.instagram.com/fitfanniefitness/When you follow use ESG (for Elpha Support Group). It will become our code like Sisters of The Traveling Pants. It takes a team!
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Did this happen? Is it still happening? I'd love to be a part of it if it is...
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Hey Allie! We kicked off already, but I'll DM you.
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Awesome thanks!