Offer Rescinded

Today would have been my first day at a role I so looked forward to, but alas...After months of job hunting and interviews, I finally landed a great role. I was on the moon for about a week when I got the dreaded call that the offer was being rescinded. Now, I'm back at level zero; so I'm posting this in the hopes I can gain some advantage I sorely need. I'm getting desperate, running out of money and have a kid to care for so any advice, pointer, lead, absolutely anything, will help. I'm curious and unafraid, relentless in seeking answers, always aim to overdeliver, and won't stop until the job is satisfactorily done. I have familiarity with and expertise in a range of analytics tools and am looking for roles in data science. It could be roles like data analyst, business intelligence analyst, strategy analyst, etc. I'm currently on an F-1 OPT visa with a STEM extension due next year but I don't require visa sponsorship because I have a couple of strong options open to me. Past supervisors and bosses have credited my work as going over and beyond so if you or anyone you know is willing to take a chance, please let me know. Here's a link to my resume, just in case.Thank you!!!
Hi @nonyeo. So sorry to hear your offer was rescinded. I've sent notes to a couple of consulting companies I worked with in the past to see if they have needs in these areas. I'll keep an eye out for any other opportunities in my network that align, too. And if you've posted at all about what you're looking for on LinkedIn, please feel free to tag me and I'll re-share (link in my Elpha profile).
Thank you so much Becca! I haven’t posted on LinkedIn yet, but I’ll be sure to tag you when I do. Thank you again.
Hi @nonyeo - I am sorry to hear this! I can't imagine your frustration and anxiety but not to sound whoo whoo here, things definitely happen for a reason and something tells me that this outcome is for the best.With that, thanks for sharing your resume!Have you checked the job board on Elpha already? Or a number of Elpha members are hiring!@Emilyvl types of roles would you ideally like to do and what industries? Or are you fairly open? One quick dirty tip: do you have different versions of your resume? If not, I'd keep this one as a master resume but not actually send it to anyone - whatever you send out should fit in a page or so (you could try sh shorten the header/short description) and I would go further in quantifying the results %reduction is great, what about $ amount, and any wins you can share e.g award the start employee of the month, or promoted ahead of schedule ? Keep us posted! :)
Wow, great tips @iynna. I’ll do some work on my resume and check out the links you sent. To your question, I’m open to any industry and role as long as it fits with my experience and is data-related. Ideally, this would be anything in data analytics. Thank you!!!
Of course - feel free to edit and if you want additional feedback happy to give them :)Perfect thanks for sharing your interest too - will send some jobs your way!
Hi @nonyeo, sorry about this happening! While we arent hiring for data analyst, business intelligence analyst, strategy analyst positions, you should follow our career page as we will continue to grow our team:
Thank you Emily! Will do.
@AngelaRees is hiring at Tinder! She posted a few weeks back
I applied to a role there about an hour ago. You're so great, thank you!
Hi @nonyeo - HubSpot is hiring as well (remote in US) and a great place to work.
I did apply for a role at Hubspot. No bites yet. Thank you!
Have you been applying with referrals? That makes a huge difference. I don't know what the rules are in this group regarding referral requests, but if you join the "Sista Circle: Black Women In Tech" group on Facebook you'll be exposed to a large network of women who often make referrals for each other and share new opportunities.
Hmm, thank you. I'll check that out.
Hello @nonyeo. Ouch! That stings. I had an offer rescinded back in March just as Covid hit. The job was a great fit for me. I looked at your resume and when I clicked on the LinkedIn link, it went to mail. I recommend fixing that. The more visible you are on LinkedIn the better, recruiters look there first for candiates. Feel free to connect with me, I can share it, all you need is one set of eyes to give you a yes.
Oh my! Thank you for pointing that out, I'll correct it right away. I didn't find a link to your LinkedIn profile here on Elpha so I'll just put mine here
Hi @nonyeo - so sorry to hear this! Be sure to remember, most often these things are not personal. It's business and out of our control. What we can do, and you are already showing strength in this is persistence and moving forward. Your curiosity, relentless efforts are your magic powers,, so keep at it!
I'll see if anyone in my network is looking.Also see if you can redirect your energy from scarcity and fear to commitment and clarity about the value you offer and the impact you're here to make. Mindset is one of our most important assets, especially when we're in a challenging situation. And I know it's not easy. You have an opportunity to consciously redirect your energy towards the value you bring and showing up as your best self for the right opportunities that are on the way. A feeling of scarcity, separation and desperation will get in the way of that.And I'll send you a connect request on LinkedIn
I know what you mean. I consciously have to remind myself that I do have a lot to offer to anyone willing to take a chance. Thank you for reminding me that I'm on the right path.
Hey @nonyeo! Just sent you a message but thought I would post here as well. Is this role of interest to you? If so, I can put you in touch with the hiring manager.
I replied your message. Thank you!
I am so sorry to hear this. I am tagging @jessziyuezhang who works as a Data Scientist at Roblox. If they are not hiring perhaps she knows of others in your field of expertise.
Hello! I’m so sorry to hear this! I don’t have the right role atm but let me till my network!
Thank you!
Thank you Holly!
Expedia Group has some openings in analytics and data science - Feel free to DM me if you see any specific openings that interest you and I'd be happy to send a referral.
I certainly will. Thank you @maggiewolff!
Hi @nonyeo, so sorry to hear about this. My husband had an offer rescinded a few years ago, after he'd resigned from his previous position, signed all the required contracts and shipped his personal effects (the job was in a different continent). At least they were noble enough to cover the cost of ship his belongings back! Anyway, check out Remotive ( I wish you all the best.
Oh my! Must have been totally disappointing. Thank you for the good wishes.
@sv is your company hiring?
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