High sensitive people on the work floor

For empaths at work it can be a challenging to not be overwelmed by the emotions of others. Or they easly being drainend, it can be from a co-worker or a certain dynamic. This has nothing to do with their work etos or not being smart enough. The most sensitive people that i know are very smart people even during the sessions i get clients that are laywer or working for the goverment, pilot.

They just work different and see things further than most people if they are good balanced. And they need to learn how to use there sensitivity power.

On top of that, at the moment there a lot of shifts going on that influence everyone. I see more and more people being more emotional and need to rebalance themselves.

So here is a tip when emotions and thoughts are taking over or you feel drainend. This is a s.o.s tip for when your emotions run very high or a very much in your head. These are processes.

Seek a place where you can be at yourself, the toilet is fine.

1. Bring your focus back to your feet, hip and heart. Focus on all 3 of them at the same time.

2. Just breath till you feel calmer and sink in to your body. Most of the time you start feeling your feet or your hips more.

3. From there you can restore your balance. For example with your intention that everything that is not yours that get out of your energyfield. With an intention make a safe envoirment that your energy stay's with you and from others stay out of your energy field.

Reminder: Your body is your place to land on. It's like platform where you hangout with your energy. There should be no one but you. It helps if you make a safe envoirment so that orthers stay out of your field and you're be last drainend.

I hope you will try it out.

Have a nice work day