On getting your first clients...

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For me it started with people in my network (coworking groups, startup incubators) and my very very first client that later became paid was someone who I offered to do work for, for free which if you feel like you need experience I think that is a fine tactic.I help with websites and no-code products so being on platforms with entrepreneurs who are trying to build products has been a pretty large source of the work that I get. If you know where people who need your services hang out (could be in coworking spaces, special Facebook groups online, specialised questions) being there, building relationships, and answering questions can be really helpful lead gen.
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Hi @PaulineRoussel! My first client was the last company I worked for as a W-2 employee. When I left, I was clear that I wasn't leaving a bad boss situation, and that self-employment was just something I had to pursue, so I left the door open to come back as a partner when they had projects that better matched my interests and skills. My next two clients came from Slack communities interestingly - one in response to a direct post I made about looking for my next gig and one who happened to notice a response I shared with someone else not related to gigs specifically. For added context, I'm an independent project manager/Agile coach/analyst who works with remote software development teams (remote since 2015). What business are you launching?
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My first client came from LinkedIn (applying to the job offer), my second one from people in my network who knew I was freelancing and the third one from LinkedIn Ads (I haven't done LinkedIn Ads since then and I don't know if they work well now). What kind of business are you building? As Lola says, knowing where your target hangs out can be really helpful.