Free Feedback: About Page, Bios, Etc

Get a 2nd set of eyes on your About Page, bio, podcast pitch, social profile, etc. I'm offering free, honest feedback at an "About You Audit" on May 23.

Drop in live or send it to me ahead of time—either way, I'll send you a recorded first impression re: what’s clear and where you can inject more personality, values, and intention.

The goal: more values-aligned visibility and making it easier to talk about yourself. Because you deserve to talk about what you do and why it matters with confidence.

See you there! (Reminder: It’s free!)

Looks great! I could always use help on this!
Sorry I missed this comment! Yes, we're just so close to our own sites! I'm hosting this event (or something like it) every month. Here's the version I'm doing in June (with a web designer co-host!):