Website Work-Up

Websites are ALWAYS a work in progress.

So, get some outside perspective on what's working and what can be improved on both the messaging and design fronts.

Website Designer Samantha Mabe (of Lemon and the Sea) and I (a brand messaging strategist) are offering live, honest, actionable feedback on June 26. You can also pre-submit your site if you can’t make it live!

The goal? For you to make more human-to-human connections via your website.

Save your spot here:

Hi Ashlee, just wanted to let you know that I consolidated your two posts here into one :)
Thanks! I thought it didn't go through the first time because I got an error.
As someone who looks at her website and goes "Well, it WORKS, BUT....", this looks like a great thing to sit in.
Yes, SUCH a common feeling. I feel the same way too before each time I update it. 🙃I'll be doing a future version of this event if you want to keep an eye out so that you can join in!