How to Get What YOU Really Want in Your Career

“But what do you WANT TO do with your career?” she asked.

This question hit me like a sack of bricks.

A mentor asked me this after I gave her the news that my entire department was getting laid off.

I had never considered it that way.

In fact, I had never considered what I WANTED really much at all, especially when it came to my job. The deal was I always did what I HAD TO do. What I WANTED didn’t come into the picture.

It took every shred of composure not to fall into a sobbing pile of mess in her office. I don’t GET TO do what I WANTED, I thought. It’s all about what other people want (or so I thought).

It was a turning point for me, and a great gift to be asked that question with genuine curiosity and care. I started holding space for myself, asking myself what I really wanted.

And the results surprised me.

I got clear on how I FELT about the things I was doing in my work life, what I LIKED and what I DIDN’T. I started opening my eyes to the possibility that I could have a career AND actually enjoy it.

When I did this, I started to see that so much more was possible for me, and I began taking action accordingly (which led to a HUGE pay increase and a job with much better work-life balance).

The thing about my career is that, while it’s not perfect, it has given me CHOICES. I can CHOOSE many things about what kinds of projects I pursue and who I spend my time with. More than I thought possible.

The result is I show up with more integrity. I’m in the room because I WANT TO be in the room. This is powerful. I have a strong presence and VOICE that makes it impossible to overlook me (and leads to exciting assignments and promotions without having to ask).

No matter how backed into a corner you may feel, remember you always have a choice, and you deserve to consider what you want and go after it.

This is what I teach in my 1:1 coaching program, From Overlooked to Highly Paid.

You will learn:

  • How to break through other people’s expectations of you and define success on your own terms
  • How to stand out (in a good way!), so your employer notices you and wants to reward you for it
  • How to position yourself for a raise or promotion without doing a bunch of extra work

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