I don’t know who needs to hear this but IT’S OK TO WANT THE THINGS YOU WANT AND GO AFTER THEM

Often times we deny ourselves the things we desire most. We work for a living but completely miss what we are working for.

Personally, this is something I struggled with a lot. I was so obsessed with getting to the next level that I could barely take the time to smell the roses all around me.

I had to actively tell myself to remember what I was working for!!

This is the key to motivation. And makes us perform WAY better.

When we get in touch with what drives us and our motivating factors, surprisingly we become WAY more effective at our careers and work.

We re-align with our passion and purpose, get that raise or promotion, or make that change we’ve been dreading.

If you live in denial about what you want, you will forever remain in limbo.

Claim what you want. Admit it to yourself. That’s where to start.

So let me ask you - what do you want?

Is it to…

…finally pursue that hobby?

…enroll in that course?

…call that person?

…move across country?

…ask for that raise?

…apply for that job?

…pursue your passion?

Admit it. Accept that you want this. Be bold.

This is what I teach in my coaching program From Overlooked to Highly Paid.

You will learn:

- How to define your ideal role regardless of where you are today

- How to do a deep dive into your skills, strengths and passions without spending months and months spinning your wheels

- Bridge the gap between what you love to do and what you get paid to do, bringing joy back into your daily life

Click the link to book a free call and see if it’s the right fit.

I'd love $1M in my bank account right now, hehe jokes aside that's a deep question! and good timing to discuss it as we kick off the new year.
Lol claim it though! Nothing wrong with wanting material things. For me it was shoes. I used to feel guilty for wanting them until I gave myself permission to want them. Small change but eliminated a lot of hassle.
Haha 100% I just know it's not happening overnight, you know!1000% I love shoes and no shame in making it your guilty pleasure (i'm more of a bag girlie) What kind of shoes do you like and what's your favourite pair right now?
I’m loving comfort and athlesiure right now and recently found the brand Ryka which are shoes for women by women. They have exactly the width I needed and after a lot of searching I can say I finally found an everyday shoe that I like! Had to go through a lot of shoes to find them though :)
i just checked them out! I like this pair a lot out On as well, I'm obsessed with mines