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Join me live, or submit your link ahead of time—either way, I give you my honest first impressions on what’s working and what could be better. (And yes, it's recorded!)

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this is fire! i signed up but can only do the first half hour and i don't want to be disruptive, lmk if I should just cancel my rsvp!
So glad you registered! No worries at allβ€”drop in, drop out, or catch the recording! Just make sure I have your profile/page/link to a Google doc so I can review it, even if you're not still on the call. 😊
Oh smart! How do i get that to you? Or shall i just send my linkedin? lmk what's easiest for yaa
Just hit reply to the confirmation email with the Linkedin profile you want me to review! Or email me directly: [email protected].