1-Day Virtual UX Event → Own Your UX Careerhttps://www.ownyouruxcareer.com

Hey everyone!! I'm Sarah Doody and on November 2 I'm hosting a virtual conference, Own Your UX Career.  The conference aims to help UX professionals experience less burnout, avoid career plateaus, and reach their career goals faster by taking control of their career and treating it career like a product.

So many UX people, at all stages, don't apply UX and product principles to their career. As a result, they feel lost in their job search, struggle to know what their next career move should be, and often end up feeling trapped in roles they don't know how to get out of.

🎤 The event will include:

  • 3 live sessions taught by me
  • Interviews with hiring managers so attendees can hear directly from them what they look for
  • Opportunities for live Q&A, networking, and more
  • A pop-up online community for the event

🎟 Tickets are on sale until October 25, 2021. You can get your ticket at www.ownyouruxcareer.com

👋 Hope to see you there!!