Trying to revise my website. Any suggestions?

Trying to revise my website. Any suggestions? Thank you so much.

Hi Yuwei, I like it that you have the call to action button easily visible, although it feels a bit strange to have it aligned on the left, although I'm not sure why. Also, I feel that the services are almost too broad - it's hard for me to think that someone would have expertise across 3 such different areas. To alleviate this, perhaps you could put in the profiles of some of your consultants to show why your platform is the place where I should go for these services.
Thank you so much. Should I do the content editing as well?
Yes, I would recommend having your 3 services blocks (engineering, supply chain, project management) on top of the quality assurance, project management and extra advice text - you could almost clear those out or put them somewhere else. This guide might be helpful:
This is my landing page: again.
Very helpful!
Site is great! I have given a few suggestions and hope that my comments are helpful and not harsh! 💯 to @brianarani comments! I think nailing down the copy on your services, as well as updating the tense could be massively beneficial (helping --> help). I see this across the site a couple of times. Edit copy for 'confidence' words instead of 'try', 'would like', etc. In addition, is your main goal to get people to sign up for a newsletter? If so, great! If you're looking for people to request your services, then this can move to the footer. Your case study (studies) are really just an overview of your process, I would consider removing this page until you have a client where you can leverage their project and show your work.If you can't add a full name and position/title to your testimonials, I'd consider removing them. They are a trust-building affordance, and with only an initial it isn't useful to prospective clients. Pages with multiple entries should be plural (Resource --> Resources) Based on the info you currently have, I would try and cut down the home page to above the fold, and one content block and move the top menu to a footer. You could also test the contact pop up copy to see if that converts for you (e.g "Get a quick quote") Finally, to echo what @brianarani said, your services are very broad. I would do an exercise with your consultants to see how you could better present your expertise!
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much. I am modifying now.