Any advice on landing page?

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Visually, love the landing page. However, it's hard to give effective feedback without a basic understanding of the context you operate with. Let's try reverse engineering.1. Who is the landing page for (yes, just think of your audience as 1 person)2. What is it for? I think you have this part.3. Why you? your unique value proposition4. Why now? what's the urgent problem you're solving for your customer?
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I find the advice from "Harry's Marketing Examples" on landing pages good - All the best on your venture!
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The visuals and design scan super well! A few thoughts, in case they're helpful:For buttons (call to actions), use action verbs. What will I get by clicking? Something like "learn more" can help folks engage with the content.Help startups and do what? What solution do you offer? This aligns with what @MinaFung posted on value prop. Nit: I'd have bigger font differentiation between the title and subtitle if you can.