In my latest blog about; What is going on in the atmosphere and how it influence you, you can read that during this world wide process it is very important to observe your thoughts and emotions and heal the wounds under your thougths and emotions to release them. (it can really effect your daily life)

If you didn't read the blog or you want to read it again. Because it can influence your job or relationship with yourself or collega's. Here is the link:

From my own experience i know it's not always easy to do that. Emotions can run very deep where you can shift into your head and then your thougths can run the place. What could happen is that you go out of balance, out of your centre. Then you have to find a way to come back into your centre to rebalance again. It took me some years to stay in balance so my emotions and thoughts wil not run my world but work for me.

So i createt a little poll to see how you are? i am curious about that let me know. It is not always easy with all the shifts going on.

How is the observing going?

1. Totaly in balance with my thoughts and emotions

2. some days are better then others, finding balance

3.All over the place

4.I can use some help

Have a nice weekend,