Tell me what you like about your company


I would love to know why you love your job/company, but I'm looking for atypical answers (something other than the pay is good, I like my coworkers, or my job is my passion).

Is there something that keeps you happy in your company/job that has nothing to do with benefits, manager, or colleagues?

YES - LOVE this question! I am an early-stage investor and I love the fact that no day is the same and I get to learn so much about different business challenges, industries, technologies, and as an ex founder myself, I love being able to support my portfolio founders with some of their biggest product/strategic challenges while giving them the room to make final decisions. Overall though, I love the potential impact I can have (I changed roles a few times: I started my career at the UN, and later on ran a sanitation project in Cameroon, then ran my own startup in edtech to provide STEM ed to underserved minorities, and then moved on the other side of the table because there were structural issues I was eager to solve). Funny enough my current role is the one in which I have the largest tangible impact (makes sense anything that gets you close to the money allows you to make decisions that can potentially impact the world, my goal is for positive returns - financial/societal and everything in between.)What about you what is it you like the most about your role/function and company (if you work for one right now)?