Best Job Boards, Interview Guides & Resources for transitioning to a Technical Product Manager (TPM) role?

Hi Elphas! I'm currently a Data Scientist with 3 years of experience, and I really want to transition to a Technical Product Manager (TPM) role. It seems impossible to even gain intros to companies, even startups, for these roles because I technically do not have experience in this job title, but I know that I possess the skills and relevant experience to succeed as a TPM, especially with my background in SWE (Agile) and DS. What are some helpful job boards, guides, resources, interview materials, etc. to make this switch? Will companies even consider my application if I do not have this official title on my resume? Grateful for any guidance, advice, resoures and help of any kind. Thank you so much! :)

YES! Plenty of recs for you crowdsourced from the community. But firstly, Elpha's very own board featuring partner companies then I love Built in NYC (they have the same for other big tech hubs too and you can filter if you want remote/hybrid/in person roles etc) You didn't ask but if you're into contract work/freelance contra.comGiven you want to do product, were you able to attend our session with Irene Yu at Skiplevel last month? Might be worth checking out her work this resource we put a while back
@julialeodori I am trying to make a similar transition! I would love to connect to chat about the process. [email protected] |
Sorry for the spam here but @julialeodori check this out, you might enjoy connecting with this member
You are the best, thank you so much! :)