What are some things that your partner/spouse does that win your heart?

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It's all the little things. We live together and we both work from home, but often in separate spaces. It's the way his face lights up when I walk into the office to see him. The way he will get up and get me something if I'm comfy and settled. The way that I'm never too much for him - he wants to see me grow, and supports and challenges me, where past partners have tried to make me settle, or tried to hold me back.
I agree with Madison, it's all about the little things. Like walking me to the bathroom when I need to pee in the middle of the night (yes, I am an adult woman who's afraid of the dark), or getting me my pajamas when I hop into the shower, or kissing me before he goes off to work every morning.
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Definitely the little things :)* I make coffee for both of us every morning, he is always grateful as if it is a special once-in-a-blue-moon thing that I make him coffee. Like he says "I never take it for granted"* After dinner when we're having a quiet evening we both like to have fruit for dessert. He very cutely cuts it up and arranges it really nicely on the plate as if it came from a fancy fruit platter and serves it to me.* He usually works in the office and I usually work from home, so when he comes home he ALWAYS gives me a kiss hello, even if he's pre-occupied or I'm having a bad day.* Isn't scared when I say "so I have an idea...." even if it is truly a crazy idea. We eventually tone it down to something manageable* Takes some portions of house maintenance into his "mental load" instead of mine - I have no idea about the maintenance schedule of our appliances or how frequently the lawn is mowed, but both of those things happen and he is 100% responsible.And a thousand more, but these are the ones that are immediately obvious
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One of the many things I appreciate about my honey is that if he wakes first, he brings me coffee in bed. I do the same for him. Always.